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The team

We develop commercial stories

that embed deep, punch-in-your-gut themes.


Parallell Cinéma has produced and co-produced three feature films, numerous short films, documentaries and short series, with ARTE, Nintendo, Orange, France Télévision, Canal+.

Parallell Cinéma's latest feature, Katie Says Goodbye,

was shot in New Mexico, edited in Paris with Pierre Rissient, then goes to premiere in TIFF, before heading to Rotterdam, Deauville and many others.

The film was released in France by Bodega.

Parallell Cinéma was a pionnier and major player in stereoscopic 3D.




David Steiner

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Franco-canadian, CEO of Parallell Cinema and producer since 2009, David Steiner initiated, developed, produced and managed several features selected in large festivals (TIFF, Rotterdam, Deauville), a few documentaries, and a lot of short films and other short form content for ARTE, Nintendo, Orange, France Télévision, Canal+.

He is also a screenwriter, script consultant & story developer on series and films for Disney+, Warner Germany, ARTE France, for producers based in Paris, Berlin, Strasbourg, Stockholm.

Before committing to production full time, his scripts have been selected by the Torino Film Lab several times, Sources2 / FilmCamp and others. Parallel to this, he directed 5 short films.

David is also active in immersive content / AI:

Carlo Sirtori

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After a Master's Degree in philosophy, Carlo worked as a journalist for the Italian press and as a reader for Italian and French publishing houses.

In 2009, after founding Parallell with Alexandre and David, he first became interested in financing audiovisual production. He discovered and studied relief with Alexandre and David, before specializing in post-production methods.

In 2014, he produced Preppie Connection in the United States.
In 2016, Katie Says Goodbye, which he is also finalizing the editing.
In 2020, he produced Minor Premise.

Alexandre Saudinos

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After a Master's Degree in Philosophy at Paris I, Alexandre joined Chamaerops Productions (Gabriel Peynichou) in 2005 as production manager. He worked there on a dozen documentaries, around forty commercials, etc.

Trained in 3D-relief by Alain Derobe in 2008, he first had an empirical and practical approach before reflecting with David Steiner on a systematization allowing a predictive method. He directed "Stereo 3D Filmmaking: The Complete Course" in 2010, and designed the 3D-Relief features of FrameForge Previz Studio. FrameForge received a technical Emmy Award in 2015. He was the stereographer of many award-winning 3D films, and participated in the production of all Parallell Cinema projects.

In 2019, he designed a "Virtual Reality Chamber without a helmet" on behalf of the Atomic Energy Commission.
On the strength of this experience, in 2020 Alexandre launches with Jérémie Tondowski NEOSET (, operator of LED studios specialized in virtual production. NEOSET, market leader, participates in the filming of dozens of fictions ("Loin du Périph" by Louis Leterrier for Netflix; "Irma Vep" by Olivier Assayas for HBO/OCS; etc) and numerous commercials (Dior, Gucci, DS …).

In addition to his activities as a technician and producer, Alexandre has directed around thirty commercials, two 52-minute documentaries (for France 3 and Orange), as well as a short spy film, "Auto-Stop", in 2016. The film premiered at the Cleveland Film Festival (CNC cat. 1). It was bought by Ciné+.
Alexandre spends a large part of his free time writing. He is the author of several feature film scripts (including two options).

Benjamin Steiner

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Once a mathematician from the famous Magistère de l'ENS-Cachan, invited to advanced mathematics departments in Harvard and Nagoya University, Benjamin decided to apply the same dedication to his passion for Cinema.

David's twin brother is also a talented composer, and joined Parallell Cinema in 2014. A driven perfectionnist, unmatched postproduction technician, he was one of the main producers of Katie Says Goodbye (premiered in TIFF 2016, is Jane Schoettle #1 US Indie, selected in Rotterdam, Newport Beach, Deauville 2017, Stockholm IMPACT Award Winner), and co-exec produced James White, NEXT Audience Award in Sundance 2015.

Benjamin recently signed the stereography of Sensations, an experimental short film using novel, unique techniques that were made possible by Benjamin's technical acumen (multi-rigging, custom built stereoscopic thermal camera rig).
In his free time, he reads ancien Greek and builds unique Bible studies software.

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